The Click is a story of four young friends who grew up in an Italian American neighborhood known as the Tree Streets, which is in The Summit, a town in Northern New York. Dominic the grandson of a neighborhood legend , Chip the oldest in the group and big brother figure, Bobby the athlete and Johnny the shy eccentric. One night when the four friends are together at Dominic and Chip’s barber shop, at closing time in walks a customer , Joe Rip a local mob boss with big aspirations. He had just been informed that his hard work and dedication in maintaining a strong mob hold on the neighborhood was about to be rewarded with a promotion ,an elevation to “made man”. Rip’s visit although strange ,in that he has never patronized the shop in the past ,at first appears to be regular in nature however it quickly turns sinister as his suspicious behavior reveals a hidden agenda. The night ends in a tragedy that changes everyone’s life forever. The Click